hello! welcome to my little corner of internet my name is emo, i begins to code in 2023, this is a space i express myself. attention! this site maybe unfinished so some pages might be a wip! as to say i consider myself have interest in coding because of how i into carrd! but since i learn coding i begin to use more neocities than carrd! from carrd to rentry to neocities that is how my journey went, but i still consider myself as a webmaster, i love this site as much as other people do and tried to make it perfect as it deserve, my description doesn’t seem to be interesting but hope u understand the vibe here!

NOTE: please check out rowen thansk to them/him i have the most cutest bunny on my index page
at first i thought it would be some simple introduction neocities site without the links, buttons everything else, mostly like carrd but i don't like using it anymore! with neocities being a free web hosting i could make many features that carrd limits, only a matter of time when i know how to code properly. currently discovering more things so please bare with me while i learning new coding language and HAPPY VER 1.5

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                playing: colors tcg, honkai star rail
                listening to: english podcast, yt music
                reading: tsubasa resovoir chronicle
                what i'm planning: prepare for new semester
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