about the web owner

hello nice to meet you, i am tsuki or tsukinio, totally 16 rn i am the owner of this website, i am also currently in highschool and starting to do html css at home with no beginning experiences, i just do anything i can >.> and then put it in a code hope this answer your question why this site is so bad KSDKAJFSL
i have been active on social media nowadays but sometimes exams/deadline have been keeping me away so i just wanna finish my work as quick as possible, come on even a 13 is better than me on everything they done T^T
i got this game called 'my fluffy life' 3 months ago and it is so cute, the coquette feels, doilies and even more just make it so soothing ♡ everything is perfect in this game in case you wanna know more you could go to my shrine
i totally forgot abt my homework so gotta do it now peace!!
reminder that i easily forgot to update this page!
*update i just updated the journal, main page and also this page

i am actually from vietnam so i would happy to meet fellow asian people here! here is my discord if you wanna talk to me!!
discord: emo#6897 (๑˃ᴗ˂) ﻭ

i also have my favourite ships and characters, they are super special to me, if you defend my ships or favs, keep it to your opinion please, this is my corner of space ofc so less people will attack me unless i say it online, anyways i have lots of favourites so here are my most featured ships and characters