site is made with html and css, made with lot of loves too, beginning to code in 2023, there will be more future updates and some cool stuff here! this site is also for my life journey both irl and online, a little corner of space to express myself, love it or not let yourself explore in it, this site also best viewed on 1366px x 635px google

disclaimer!! this site is hand coded by me u could take my code as an example for you to learn coding and make your own site! and again the code is very messy so it is like a work in progress forever until i improve my coding skills!!

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1. i update the links page
2. new entry for journal + add navigation
3. might learn abt iframe since it would be much easier
1. new about me layout !
2. new journal entry!! 03/15
1. added scrollboxes to about and journal page
2. added music player
3. update every site, processing to mass adding images + other stuff
03/19: update the homepage!
1. made this blog!! added guestbook
2. planning on construct other pages

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in the right of you there is a page navigation to teleport to each page of this site!! and next to this guide is a chatbox to chat with other user that visit this site! on the top left corner list some sites that are my most favourite