devilish webgame


devilish is a a flash/web game series featuring two characters, angel and devil. there are a lot of games before flash got turned off, for more information you should watch the video above, i don't have many to say about this game but it is a important childhood game to me so i put it here first out of all the games i play! some game still avalaible at y8 browser, im not sure for in-depth information but pls lemme know if u do!!



devilish is a childhood game to me, it impact me since i was a kid, it was a whole fun train ride! my favourite game is the one with the cat where he eat all of the foods in kitchen and also the devilish candy house because angel look rly cute in there T^T, i really miss the whole games but i think you could play it on y8 browser, by downloading it u could play some devilish games but for candy house it seem to be broken :"D