March 7Th

- "have an ice day!"

an enthusiastic girl who was saved from eternal ice by the astral express crew, and has the unique ability of being able to use "Six-Phased Ice." When she awoke, she knew nothing of herself or her past, and decided to name herself after the date of her rebirth, "march 7th." she takes many photos using her camera in hopes of discovering a memento from her past.

Why does March 7th take photos?
"First of all, girls like me should like this kind of pastime."
"Besides, I won't forget anything that I keep a photo of."

What has March 7th come to learn about photography?
"Number one, when taking pictures of terrible cuisines, all the details must be clearly visible on the pictures because 'Taking pictures of food is equal to eating them. Every detail matters.'"
"Number two, as long as you take a picture with your eyes closed, you will be able to capture an expression of your subject with their eyes closed."

Why is March 7th always wearing her camera?
"Because if anyone ever seals me away in ice again, at least I'll have my camera with me!"

So why doesn't March 7th just use the camera on her phone?
"Oh yeah, why not — hang on, it's because of that sense of formality!"

march 7th would mostly be my favourite girl n character in the honkai star rail series, she is just too adorbs and i adore her positivity, she is a literal sunshine to me uwu

idk how much i would say or describe my love to her, just know that i keep it simple and really clear abt my relationship to march so i won't talk further abt it